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A library for pretty shadows.

See the working demo at

Get Started Inline docs

Install using bower: bower install shine or download as zip or fork on GitHub.

Create a Shine.js instance for each DOM element you'd like to shine:

var shine = new Shine(document.getElementById('my-shine-object'));

Change the light position and make sure to redraw:

shine.light.position.x = window.innerWidth * 0.5;
shine.light.position.y = window.innerHeight * 0.5;
shine.draw(); // make sure to re-draw


Each shine instance has a property pointing to an instance of shinejs.Config. One config can be shared amongst multiple shine instances.

When a config value changes, shine.draw() needs to be called to re-draw with the new settings.

Change the shadow of a shine instance:

shine.config.opacity = 0.1;
shine.config.blur = 0.2;
shine.draw(); // make sure to re-draw

Create a shared shinejs.Config instance:

// all parameters are optional and can be changed later
var config = new shinejs.Config({
  numSteps: 4,
  opacity: 0.2,
  shadowRGB: new shinejs.Color(255, 0, 0)

// pass the config in the constructor
var shineA = new Shine(document.getElementById('my-shine-object-a'), config);
var shineB = new Shine(document.getElementById('my-shine-object-b'), config);

// or assign it to an instance later
var shineC = new Shine(document.getElementById('my-shine-object-c'));
shineC.config = config;
shineC.draw(); // make sure to re-draw

Shine API

Note: Shine is also mapped to shinejs.Shine. Use the long version if Shine is already defined.

Shine(domElement, optConfig, optClassPrefix, optShadowProperty)

The Shine constructor. Instantiate as new Shine(...) to create a new instance.

Parameter Type Description
domElement !HTMLElement The DOM element to apply the shine effect to.
optConfig ?shinejs.Config= Optional config instance. If no instance is passed it a new instance with default values will be stored in the config property.
optClassPrefix ?string= Optional class prefix that will be applied to all shine DOM elements. Defaults to shine-.
optShadowProperty ?string= Optional property name that the shadow will be applied to. Overrides the automatic detection for use of either textShadow or boxShadow. The value will be applied as[shadowProperty] = '...' and automatically prefixed for legacy browsers (e.g. MozBoxShadow).


Draws all shadows based on the current light position. Call this method whenever a shine parameter is changed.


Releases all resources and removes event listeners. Destroyed instance can't be reused and must be discarded.


Re-initializes all shadows. Use this when you want to change the text or the domElement's contents have changed.

Parameter Type Description
optText ?string= If defined, will replace the DOM element's textContent. If omitted, the content will be read from the DOM element.


Adds DOM event listeners to automatically update all properties.


Removes DOM event listeners to automatically update all properties.

Shine Properties

Property Type Description
domElement HTMLElement The DOM element to apply the shine effect to.
config shinejs.Config Stores all config parameters.
light shinejs.Light Stores the light position and intensity.

shinejs.Config API


The shine config constructor. Pass an optional settings object from which to read values.

Parameter Type Description
optSettings ?Object= An optional object containing config parameters.

shinejs.Config Properties

Property Type Default Description
numSteps number 8 The number of steps drawn in each shadow
opacity number 0.1 The opacity of each shadow (range: 0...1)
opacityPow number 1.2 The exponent applied to each step's opacity (1.0 = linear opacity).
offset number 0.15 Larger offsets create longer shadows
offsetPow number 1.8 The exponent applied to each step's offset (1.0 = linear offset).
blur number 40 The strength of the shadow blur.
blurPow number 1.4 The exponent applied to each step's blur (1.0 = linear blur).
shadowRGB shinejs.Color new shinejs.Color(0, 0, 0) The shadow color in r, g, b (0...255)

shinejs.Light API


The light constructor. Pass an optional position to apply by default.

Parameter Type Description
optPosition ?shinejs.Point= An position. Defaults to new shinejs.Point(0, 0).

shinejs.Light Properties

Property Type Default Description
position shinejs.Point new shinejs.Point(0, 0) The position of this light.
intensity number 1.0 The intensity of this light. Gets multiplied with shadow opacity.

shinejs.Point API

shinejs.Point(x, y)

A 2D point class.

Parameter Type Description
x number= The x-coordinate. Defaults to 0.
y number= The y-coordinate. Defaults to 0.

shinejs.Point Properties

Property Type Default Description
x number 0 The x-coordinate.
y number 0 The y-coordinate.

Returns a new instance of shinejs.Point with the x- and y-distance between this instance and the point p.

Parameter Type Description
p shinejs.Point The point to which to calculate the distance to. Distance will be expressed as this.x - p.x and this.y - p.y.