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Under heavy development

  1. Run npm link to globally link this package to the bigtest command.
  2. Run yarn start to watch and rebuild the CLI when changes are made.

bigtest run

  1. Change your bundler's entry to point to your tests
// `bigtest run` sets NODE_ENV to "test" automatically
let isTesting = process.env.NODE_ENV === 'test'

// if your bundler supports multiple entry points, you can include all
// of your tests using a glob pattern (see node-glob)
entry: isTesting ? glob.sync('tests/*-test.js') : 'src/index.js',

// if your bundler does not support multiple entry points, you can
// point to an index file where you import each test
  1. Tell BigTest how to serve your app (--serve-url defaults to http://localhost:3000) and specify an adapter to use (mocha is currently the only supported adapter).
$ bigtest run \
  --serve "yarn webpack-serve" \
  --serve-url "http://localhost:8080" \
  --adapter mocha

2 Alt: BigTest can also accept an .opts file, which it will look for by default at bigtest/bitest.opts.

# bigtest/bigtest.opts
--serve "yarn webpack-serve"
--serve-url "http://localhost:8080"
--adapter mocha
$ bigtest run
# OR
$ bigtest run --opts path/to/file.opts