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Examples from Design Patterns in Ruby
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Bookclub => Design Patterns in Ruby

Notes and examples from Hashrocket Bookclub reading of Design Patterns in Ruby

  • Chapter 3: Varying the Algorithm with the Template Method
  • Chapter 4: Replacing the Algorithm with the Strategy
  • Chapter 5: Keeping Up with the Times with the Observer
  • Chapter 6: Assembling the Whole from the Parts
  • Chapter 7: Reaching into a Collection with the Iterator
  • Chapter 8: Getting Things Done with Commands
  • Chapter 9: Filling in the Gaps with the Adapter
  • Chapter 10: Getting in Front of Your Object with a Proxy
  • Chapter 11: Improving Your Objects with a Decorator
  • Chapter 12: Making Sure There Is Only One with the Singleton
  • Chapter 13: Picking the Right Class with a Factory
  • Chapter 14: Easier Object Construction with the Builder
  • Chapter 15: Assembling Your System with the Interpreter
  • Chapter 16: Opening Up Your System with
  • Chapter 17: Creating Custom Objects with Meta-programming
  • Chapter 18: Convention Over Configuration
  • Chapter 19: Conclusion
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