The Redis Book
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The Redis Book (as yet otherwise unnamed)


The Redis book is an attempt at creating the definitive tutorial and reference guide to Redis, an open-source, memory based, persistent, key-value data storage system built by Salvatore Sanfilippo of VMware.

This repository contains a nanoc project that builds an HTML version of the book, based upon content in HTML files found in the content/ directory. The book's source HTML files are nanoc-style Markdown documents that also contain special book-specific directives that I'm currently calling "Pebo" syntax. ASCIIDoc is being considered as a destination format, however.

Key ambitions for the book are to be transparent (public GitHub repo with latest content), open (non-commercial Creative Commons license and allowing changes via GitHub forks), and to make for good reading and learning (including SVG figures - some interactive, hopefully). I will be selling an attractive PDF and print book later on down the line while having the same content available online for free, rather like Michael Hartl's


The project has only just been started after a little offline planning. There is nothing to see yet. August 6, 2010

Building The Book For Yourself

  • Install the kramdown, nanoc, and nokogiri gems
  • Install Pygments for syntax highlighting - sudo easy_install Pygments may get you there on OS X and Linux.
  • Run rake to compile book and assets into output/
  • Run rake serve to build the book and serve it at


The primary author, so far, is Peter Cooper. Contributors (either in code or writing) include: