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UIowa Interview Questions
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Thanks for interviewing with us!

We think that seeing code you have written is an important part of the interview process, but we don't think that having you write code on the whiteboard or in a text editor while the interview team stares at you is a realistic way to gage your development and design skills.

Instead, please complete the following couple of exercises that we discussed during the interview.

In each directory is a README file which has the specs for the exercise. We would hope that you shouldn't have to spend more than a couple of hours on these exercises. These are not meant to be "trick questions", please feel free to make reasonable assumptions (and perhaps note those assumption as comments) if the specs are unclear.

We would like for you to do one of the following to complete this task:

  1. create a github account if you don't already have one (it is free)

  2. fork this project (this will copy this project to your account)

  3. pull down the code to your local machine and complete the exercises

  4. commit your changes and push your code back up to your repo on github

  5. send me an email and let me know you are done.

or if you don't want to use github (because it is generally available for anyone to view), then you can do the following:

  1. pull down this code to your local machine and complete the exercises

  2. zip up your version of the code and email it to

I'll ask the interview team to review your code and I'll let you know when we are done so that you can delete the repository if you wish.

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know

-Ed Hill ( Software Developer, The University of Iowa

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