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This is a fork of original LiveReload browser extension with fixed tab's current host issue (so it works in any virtual machine) and slightly more straightforward building process.

I would be happy to merge this into mainstream (if it will display some activity) or pull it to someone who wants to support this project.

Tested to work in FF >= 10, Chrome >= 20, Opera >= 15.


  • Install node.js

  • Install Grunt Task Runner

     npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Fetch project dependencies

     npm install
  • Optional Move your Chrome private key to keys/chrome.pem (you may want to generate it from command line)

  • If you don't have a key in the keys folder, then the Chrome extension will be pacakaged as a zip file for uploading to the chrome app store

  • Build either Firefox (grunt firefox), ether Chome/Opera.Next (grunt chrome) or both (grunt) extensions.

  • Increment version number with grunt bump


  • Automate generation extension in Safari format (XAR)
  • Unify icons
  • Test in old browser versions
  • Integrate Opera.Presto into build process
  • Link to appropriate IE addon