A Sketch plugin to collect font files you used in your sketch file.
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1.2 update:

fixed in Sierra(MacOS 10.12) some font can not be found
change the output font file name format
解决了 Sierra(MacOS 10.12) 下一些字体找不到导致插件不工作的问题,建议重新下载安装


A Sketch plugin to collect font files you used in your sketch file.
Work on Sketch 3.9.1 and up(not test in lower versions).

How to install:

1.Download the Plugin File and unzip.
2.Double click Font-Packer.sketchplugin.

How to use:

1.Save your work on Sketch.
2.Run Plugins > Font Packer > Collect Font Files or use shortcut control+shift+T.
3.Choose a folder and follow the steps.


More Details:

This plug-in can help you collect the font files you used in your sketch file.
It will create a folder with the name of the sketch file, inside the folder there are a copy of the .sketch and a fonts folder which collects the font files.(Note on the font copyright issues if you want to deliver them.)
Prefix like 'Font1_、Font2_…' would be added in case some files share a same name.
NOTE:If a font split different styles in different files(e..g xxxfont-light.ttf, xxxfont-bold.ttf, xxxfont-italic.ttf, ...),but you just take some of them,the plug-in would only copy what you used.
If there are missed fonts in the sketch file, the plugin will generate a list and only copy the available ones.

Special thanks to utom