A Sketch plugin to export sketch file to Adobe After Effect
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A Sketch plugin to export sketch slice to Adobe After Effect and potisition them automatically.
Whats more, you can use the Save Frame As Photoshop Layers inside AE to export contents to Photoshop!

How to install:

1.Download the Plugin File(hit me) and unzip.
2.Double click Sketch2AE.sketchplugin.

How to use:

  1. Save your work on Sketch.
  2. Select the LAYERGROUPs your want to export on the layer list(group it if the layer is not a layergroup), Run Plugins -> Sketch2AE -> Generate ExportSlices.
  3. Run Plugins -> Sketch2AE -> Export Artboards, then on the popup panel set the composition length and FPS, pick artboards you want to export. Hit OK and choose a location to save the generated .jsx script file and slice folder.
  4. In After Effect,run File -> Script -> Run Script File, choose the .jsx file, it will generate compositions automaticly.
**NOTE: Keep the ".jsx" file and "slice" folder under a same parent folder if you want to move it.

Back to Sketch, you can run Plugins -> Sketch2AE -> Clear ExportSlices to clear exsiting ExportSlices.

Known Issues:

  • Can not export vactor shapes, editable texts, layer styles.All flatten.
  • By default it generate 1x slices. If you need 2x or other you have to export by hand.
  • Rotating or scaling of a layer will result in a big rectangle of slice
  • If there are missed fonts in the file, the ExportSlices might be clipping.(Try my Plungin:Font Packer to pack and achive your sketch files:) )

Shortcut list:

**Becareful of shortcut conflicting with other plugins
  • Control + Alt + S : Generate ExportSlices
  • Control + Alt + E : Export Artboards
  • Control + Alt + C : Clear ExportSlices
  • Control + Alt + H : Help


CC-BY-SA 4.0
Special thanks to Ashung's code.


Thank you very much!