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Markdown Image Helper

Warning: I choose Emacs to write markdown , so this plugin is not maintain anymore

An Atom plugin for Markdown grammar. Create image file relative to the markdown file and insert a relative url to that file.

Inspired by markdown-assistant,instead upload the image, i think just copy to the relative path is better.


  1. Take a screenshot or copy any image to the clipboard.
  2. Paste it into Atom markdown editor
  3. See that an directory name "assets" was create, and the directory has a png file, and a url was inserted.


  • Before


  • After



  • Does this plugin support on Windows system ?

    According to the issue #2, thanks to @hgaronfolo he said that

      For markdown-image-helper to work, the language needs to be "Git Markdown", so on Windows Atom, I went in to settings, packages and searched for "language-gfm" (core package).
      This package was disabled by default in Windows Atom, but enabled by default in Linux Atom.
      I enabled "language-gfm", and now I can choose "Github Markdown" in Windows Atom and markdown-image-helper now works! :-)

    so you should enable language-gfm, maybe i will work, if not please let me know.


If you are using Hexo to writer blog or wiki , i think this small plugin hexo-generator-assets is helpful with markdown-image-helper

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