Enables fully featured post & page hovercards in your WordPress blog instantly.
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WordPress Hovercards

WordPress Hovercards is a open source WordPress plugin that instantly integrates hovercards inside of your WordPress blog without any configuration. It only weighs 4 KB! which is incredibly lightweight!


Hovercards have been used for many years by Facebook, Twitter and plenty of other websites as a mean of engagement. It helps encourage people to view other pages on your site, and it is an excellent way to boost the clickthroughs and page views of your blog.

Hovercards will provide a JSON endpoint to your WordPress blog to make Hovercard-related data available to use through the frontend. Then we use our JavaScript plugin to call the same endpoint, and if it finds data, it displays a gorgeous hovercard as you see above!

It's intelligent enough to detect which links don't need a request, and it caches in-browser within all browsers. This saves HTTP requests to your server which aren't needed and therefore being efficient!

Example usage

It works out of the box. Just upload /wp-hovercards to your /wp-content/plugins directory and enable the plugin - then it just works!


You can find a demo of WordPress Hovercards live by clicking here.


It is released under the GPL license. You are free to do whatever you wish with it, but if you use it on a commercial website or you wish to resell my work, please credit me where its due!


1.0.1 (18/6/12)

  • Fixed lib.php bug with crashing websites
  • Added readme.txt to support WP repo
  • Fixed rendering bug with jQuery library.

1.0.0 (18/6/12)

  • Initial release
  • Bug tests complete
  • Built to support WordPress 3.4 (latest version)

About the Author

My logo

Bilawal Hameed is a 19 year old web developer, entrepreneur and student from Manchester, UK.

I've been programming since I was 9 years old, and I love open source. I've decided that it's time that I give back to the community, and I have released my plugin for free and I have plenty of other plugins on the way.

You can find more about myself, my work and my vision over at my website.