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A public list of funny slides that you can use for Slideshow Karaoke
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List of Slideshow Karaoke Slides

This is no longer maintained. Feel free to fork this repository.

At many hackathons and events around the world, we play a game that's known as Slideshow Karaoke. It also goes by the name Powerpoint-Karaoke or Battle Decks. Basically, an audience watches a person present a random set of slides that they have never seen before, often with the slides being controlled by someone else. It's a lot of fun, with plenty of laughter and improvisation.

However, finding good slides is difficult. This repository should hopefully solve that.

List of Slides

Slide Name Topic Added By
8 Things To Do Before You Manage Your Boss Management @bih
PHP Doesn't Suck Programming Languages @bih
Random Walks in the Sky Theoretical Cosmology @jpbreuer
Soylent Blockchains Random @kuboschek
Who and What Random @bih
Brexit and beyond Politics @pandelisz


Thanks for wanting to contribute. There's just a few rules that we have for slides in this list:

  • They must not violate the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct.
  • They must have at least 15 slides, and no more than 75 slides.
  • They must not contain more than 75% text. Text-heavy slides don't work.
  • They must be available for public use. A good place to find slides is Slideshare.
  • When creating a PR to add your slide to the list, please add them alphabetically.

What makes a funny set of slides for Slideshow Karaoke?

  • Repetition. Lack of this is too much to follow and often not funny.
  • Very opinionated. Slides that have a lot of opinion (i.e. programming language) are 💯.
  • Nostalgia. When slides try to incorporate childhood TV shows into modern concepts, that's always a hit.
  • Foreign slides. People can't present slides that they only half-understand 😎
  • Memes. Why not.
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