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Django-based framework for building scientific data management web apps.
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SODAR Core Documentation Status

SODAR (System for Omics Data Access and Retrieval) is a specialized system for managing data in omics research projects.


The SODAR Core repository containes reusable and non-domain-specific apps making up the base of the SODAR system. These apps can be used for any Django application which wants to make use of the following features:

  • Project-based user access control
  • Dynamic app content management
  • Advanced project activity logging
  • Small file uploading and browsing
  • Managing server-side background jobs
  • Caching and aggregation of data from external services
  • Tracking site information and statistics

This repository provides the following installable Django apps:

  • projectroles: Base app for project access management and dynamic app content management. All other apps require the integration of projectroles.
  • adminalerts: Site app for displaying site-wide messages to all users.
  • bgjobs: Project app for managing background jobs.
  • filesfolders: Storage and management of small files.
  • siteinfo: Site app for displaying site information and statistics for administrators.
  • sodarcache: Generic caching and aggregation of data referring to external services.
  • taskflowbackend: Backend app providing an API for the optional sodar_taskflow transaction service.
  • timeline: Project app for logging and viewing project-related activity.
  • userprofile: Site app for viewing user profiles.

Also included are resources and examples for developing SODAR compatible apps.


The django-sodar-core package can be installed from GitHub as follows. PyPI installation is forthcoming.

pip install -e git+

Please note that This package installs a collection Django apps to be used in a Django web site project. See SODAR Core documentation for detailed documentation on use, integration and development.

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