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Servo and LCD 2x16

With this example you will display the angle of a servo into a LCD 2x16. It uses the Servo, servo.h, library to control the servo and the Liquidcrystal, liquidcrystal.h, library to display the angle on the LCD.

What do we need?

  • One standard servo.
  • One display lcd 2x16.
  • One potentiometer.



The code: Display the servo angle into a LCD

This example is already in biicode. You can create your project and open the block or copy the code into a .cpp file:

$ bii init my_arduino_project
$ cd my_arduino_project
$ bii open examples/servolcd

Check the code inside your block's folder:


.. literalinclude:: ../../_static/code/arduino/examples/lcd_and_servo/lcd_and_servo.cpp
   :language: cpp

Build and upload the code

First, we have to configure the settings and select the arduino toolchain:

$ bii arduino:settings
$ bii configure -toolchain=arduino

Secondly, build this c++ example for arduino:

$ bii build

And upload it to your board:

$ bii arduino:upload

You are done! You'll see your servo moving and the angle into the LCD.

Any doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us, visit our forum and feel free to ask any questions.