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Arduino Serial Monitor

This example shows you how to run biicode's Arduino Serial Monitor Interface and turn ON/OFF one LED easily.

If you don't know how to start using Arduino with biicode, check out our :ref:`getting started guide for Arduino<arduino_getting_started>`.

C++ code

Put the following file in your ~/project_name/blocks/your_user_name/block_name/ or just open the example block.


.. literalinclude:: ../../_static/code/arduino/examples/monitor_led/monitor_led.cpp
   :language: cpp

Download: :download:`monitor_led.cpp <../../_static/code/arduino/examples/monitor_led/monitor_led.cpp>`

Turn ON/OFF one LED

First, configure your arduino settings and toolchain:

$ bii arduino:settings
$ bii configure -toolchain=arduino

Sencond, build your project:

$ bii build

Now upload this firmware to your Arduino with the following command:

$ bii arduino:upload


[100%] Built target [your_user_name]_monitor_led_main-upload

You shouldn't get any erros but if you do, please check that your Arduino is correctly connected, and check your settings (using the bii arduino:settings command).

If you still have any issues please contact us at our forum.

Now, open the Arduino monitor. You only need to execute the following command:

$ bii arduino:monitor


Arduino detected on port [YOUR_PORT]

You'll see a window with an interface that allows you to communicate with the Arduino Serial Port. Here you can send 1 or 0 to turn the led ON or OFF, respectively.