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Publish a block track

Each block has an owner, name, version and tag. For example, the OpenSSL block block has an owner (lasote) and latest version is 4 DEV.

Use Block Tracks to publish different development versions of a block using the same block name-space. This way, dependent blocks can keep the same #includes in their source code.

Publish a new block Track

Write the track name between brackets in the [parent] section of the biicode.conf file. Specify version -1 because we want create a new block.

    myuser/myblock(track1): -1

Now you have configured a track of your block.

In case you need a personalized fix over the original library from other user, just indicate it in the [parent] section like this:

    lasote/libuv(myuser/track1): -1

This way, you have configured a track of other user whitout changing includes.

Execute bii publish and enter your profile to check the new track.

Read a bit more about how tracks work, visit our post in the blog about block traks.

Private blocks

Upgrade your account to Premium, write us, to use Private blocks. Store your code in private, choose who can see or edit your blocks.

Create private blocks in our web page. Just press Add block button and choose private.

Got any doubts? Ask in our forum or write us.