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Override a dependency

Let's say you depend on:

  • erincatto/box2d:10 that depends on diego/glfw:0.

And you'd rather depend on:

  • erincatto/box2d:10 and diego/glfw:1.

Write your preferred versions in your biicode.conf and biicode will use those versions in your project:


  # required blocks (with version)
  erincatto/box2d: 10

Execute bii build and it's updated.

Override a dependency with block tracks

Create a block track when you need a personalized fix over the original library.

Let's create a block track from diego/glfw block:

  • Open the block:
~$ bii init myproject
~$ cd myproject
~/myproject$ bii open diego/glfw
  • Code, adjust it to your needs.
  • Write the track name between brackets in the [parent] section of the biicode.conf file. Specify version -1 because we want create a new block.


    diego/glfw(myuser/glfw): -1

Depend on that new block track:

  • Write in your biicode.conf file [requirements] :


      # required blocks (with version)
      diego/glfw(myuser/glfw): 1
  • Execute bii build and it's updated.

What if you want to get back again to the original library?

  • Write in your biicode.conf file [requirements] :

        # required blocks (with version)
      diego/glfw: 0