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Expression Parser

Expression Parser is a C++ library to parse a character sequence as an expression using Dijkstra's Shunting-yard algorithm which modifies Jesse Brown's code.

The main block is at amalulla/cpp-expression-parser, which is generated from this github repo.

Simple form of mathematical expression parsing

In this example we'll show a simple code to develop a mathematical expression parser, with expressions like "pi" or "gravity".

Create a new project

Create a simple project and the code inside it:
$ bii init exp-parser_example -L
$ cd exp-parser_example
$ # copy the code below


#include <iostream>
#include <limits>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "shunting-yard.h"

void calculation(const char* expr,
    std::map<std::string, double>* vars = 0) {
  double result = calculator::calculate(expr, vars);
  std::cout << "'" << expr << "' calculated result is: " <<
      result << "." << std::endl;
int main() {
    std::map <std::string, double> vars;
    vars["gravity"] = 9.78;
    vars["pi"] = 3.14;
    calculation("-pi+1", &vars);
    calculation("10*gravity", &vars);
return 0;


Manage your dependencies

Check the dependencies of the project with bii deps:

$ bii deps
INFO: Processing changes...
your_user/expression_parser depends on:

Now, edit the biicode.conf file generated in the project folder. Add your [requirements] depending on the version you want and map your [includes]:

    amalulla/cpp-expression-parser: 2

    shunting-yard.h: amalulla/cpp-expression-parser

Now, checking again bii deps shows all resolved dependencies.

Build the project

Just build the project and run this example!

$ bii build
$ cd bin
$ # run executable

You can see the results of the parsed expressions in the output:

$  '-pi+1' calculated result is -2.14.
$  '10*gravity' calculated result is 97.8.

Open and build

This example is already in biicode at examples/expression_parser.

To give it a simple run, just open the block and build it like this:

$ bii init exp-parser_example
$ cd exp-parser_example
$ bii open examples/expression_parser
$ bii build
$ cd bin
$ # run executable

Here is the output:

$  '-pi+1' calculated result is -2.14.
$  '10*gravity' calculated result is 97.8.

Any doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us visit our forum and feel free to ask any questions.