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GLUI User Interface Library

GLUI is a GLUT-based C++ user interface library which provides controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and spinners to OpenGL applications. It is window-system independent, relying on GLUT to handle all system-dependent issues, such as window and mouse management.

For more information about this library, visit their official website.

This is the biicode library site.

Following, there is an example using this library with biicode technology.

GLUI Window Template

This example is a small modification of the code originaly programmed by Ali Bader Eddin, avaliable from the Code Project. In words of the author:

"To avoid having to write the same code every time you want to create an OpenGL graphical application with GUI components, this program code can be used as a template to get you directly started".

You can explore the source code block for this example following this link. In order to try this example, you only need to follow these steps:

Ubuntu users may need to install some additional software

If you are using Ubuntu Linux, you may need to install some additional packages. To do so, execute:

sudo apt-get install mesa-common-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libxi-dev
  1. Create a new project:
$ bii init <project_name>
$ cd <project_name>
  1. Open "examples/glui_example" block. Download the examples/glui_example block to your project's blocks folder. Inside your project folder, execute the command:
<project_name>$ bii open examples/glui_example
  1. Retrieve all missing dependencies using the bii find command. This way all missing dependencies will be downloaded into the deps folder of your project.
<project_name>$ bii find
  1. Finally, compile your program using the bii build command:
<project_name>$ bii build

If there were no errors during compilation, you'll find a new executable file inside your project's bin folder. If you run this program, you should see something similar to this screen capture. If you found any problems, please contact us at our forum.


Check more GLUI examples at this block and enjoy using GLUI library!