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Log4z is an open source C++ lightweight & cross platform log library.

It provides in a C++ application log and trace debug function for 7*24h service program.

Support: 64/32 bits of debian, redhat, centos, suse, windows.

The main block is here, which is generated from this github repo.

Fast stream log strings test

Now, you can check all the log4z examples which are uploaded in biicode and execute any of them. Then, create a new project and open the examples/log4z block.

~$ bii init log4z_sample
~$ cd log4z_sample
~/log4z_sample$ bii open examples/log4z
~/log4z_sample$ bii build

Windows Users

It is necessary to specify Visual Studio generator before building (it doesn't work with MinGW), otherwise, you can skip this step.

bii configure -G "Visual Studio 12"

When all the examples are built, execute for fast stream log strings testing:

~/log4z_sample$ bin/examples_log4z_fast_test
2014-09-19 12:15:08.223 LOG_ALARM -----------------  log4z thread started!   ----------------------------
2014-09-19 12:15:08.223 LOG_ALARM logger id=0 path=./log/ name=examples_log4z_fast_test level=1 display=1
2014-09-19 12:15:08.223 LOG_INFO  begin test stream log utf-16 string input.... ( C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\release_1_0\examples\blocks\examples\log4z\fast_test.cpp ) : 20

Any doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us visit our forum and feel free to ask any questions.