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lwan Web Server

Lwan is a high-performance & scalable web server for glibc/Linux platforms. For more information about this project, visit their official website.

Hello World Example

This example creates a very simple web service which greets you by your name.

How to replicate

This example is already in biicode, it's simple to run, just open the block and build it like this:

$ bii init lwan
$ cd lwan
$ bii open examples/lwan
$ bii build

This example needs three files, first one that defines the server configuration:


.. literalinclude:: /_static/code/cpp/examples/lwan/lwan.conf
   :language: json

The actual soruce code:


.. literalinclude:: /_static/code/cpp/examples/lwan/lwan_example.c
   :language: c

And the Cmake lists that copies config file to bin folder:


.. literalinclude:: /_static/code/cpp/examples/lwan/CMakeLists.txt
   :language: cmake

Now, run the hello example.

$ cd bin
$ ./examples_lwan_lwan_example

You can see the server running:

62528 lwan-job.c:76 lwan_job_thread_init() Initializing low priority job thread.
62528 lwan-response.c:75 lwan_response_init() Initializing default response.
62528 lwan-tables.c:44 lwan_tables_init() Uncompressing MIME type table.
62528 lwan.c:58 lwan_module_init() Initializing module registry.
62528 lwan.c:73 lwan_module_register() Registering module "serve_files".
62528 lwan.c:73 lwan_module_register() Registering module "redirect".
62528 lwan.c:360 setup_from_config() Loading configuration file: examples_lwan_lwan_example.conf.
62528 lwan.c:476 lwan_init() Initializing lwan web server.
62528 lwan.c:487 lwan_init() Using 2 threads, maximum 2048 sockets per thread.
62528 lwan-thread.c:393 lwan_thread_init() Initializing threads.
62528 lwan-socket.c:212 lwan_socket_init() Initializing sockets.
62528 lwan-socket.c:197 _setup_socket_normally() Listening on
62528 lwan.c:561 lwan_main_loop() Ready to serve.
62531 lwan-thread.c:290 _thread_io_loop() Starting IO loop on thread #2.
62530 lwan-thread.c:290 _thread_io_loop() Starting IO loop on thread #1.

Now you can go to any browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080?name=fred

Any doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us visit our forum and feel free to ask any questions.