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:ref:`bii publish<bii_publish_command>` command publishes your code to biicode.

$ bii publish

Tag's default value is DEV.

$ bii publish  --tag STABLE

STABLE versions are frozen after publication and DEV versions are overridden by a new version. Each time you publish to biicode your local [parent] value updates to the latest one you just published.

Let's understand this behavior with an example:

  • Publish your first DEV version.

    Its [parent] section should be empty or with its first value like this:

Once published, your [parent] updates to version 0 and that's also number 0 in biicode.

  • Publish a DEV version. That's still number 0.
  • Publish a STABLE version. That's still number 0.
  • Publish another STABLE version. That's number 1 in biicode.

Tag a version

Put a semantic name to your block versions. Once tagged, you can :ref:`depend on a version just knowing its semantic tag<tag_dependencies>`. Just execute:

$ bii publish  --tag STABLE --versiontag=1.2rc3
DEV versions can not be tagged.

Private blocks

Upgrade your account to Premium, write us, to use Private blocks. Store your code in private, choose who can see or edit your blocks.

Create private blocks in our web page. Just press Add block button and choose private.

Got any doubts? Ask in our forum or write us.