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A funny moving doll with Raspberry PI and biicode

Surprise your friends and family with a moving doll, just follow these few simple steps.

You just need paper, scissors, a servo, a Raspberry Pi and biicode!

.. literalinclude:: /_static/code/rpi/examples/moving_doll/main.cpp
   :language: cpp

Download: :download:`main.cpp </_static/code/rpi/examples/moving_doll/main.cpp>`

Choose the paper doll you like most

As fans of the TV Show we chose to move Heisenberg paper doll for our little experiment. Feel free to be creative making your own doll:



Putting it all together!


Stick the head to the servo and put the servo in the body

In the following pictures you can see how we built our doll:







Connect the servo to the 5v, GPIO17 and 0v pins

If you need more information about the GPIO Reference :ref:`follow this link <rpigpio>`.

Signal GPIO17
+ 5v
- 0v
GPIO Rev.1 GPIO Pin Layout GPIO Rev.2
../../_static/img/rpi/gpiosr1.png ../../_static/img/rpi/moving_doll/gpiosMovingDoll.png ../../_static/img/rpi/gpiosr2.png


Have fun with the moving doll!

Now that your doll is moving, share it with your friends and family, make them laugh. We would also be happy to see other videos online. Feel free to show us your most creative doll :)