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This is a simple Spring Boot based app to demonstrate different ways of connecting to a service or a datastore when deploying to Cloud Foundry.

Let Java Buildpack Autoreconfiguration handle it

The simplest approach is to do nothing and let Cloud Foundry’s Java Buildpack handle the details. Cloud Foundry’s Java Buildpack injects a library called the Java Buildpack Auto Reconfiguration into the runtime deployable which reconfigures the service connectivity appropriately.

Use Java Environment properties

Spring Boot exposes the VCAP_SERVICES properties which is in the form of a JSON into a more consumable format - as simple environment properties. These properties can be used for configuring the connectivity to the service

Use Spring Cloud Connector

Spring Cloud Connector provides the most advanced configuration for enabling connectivity to an external service.

Any of the versions of the application can be brought up by the following steps:

Installing and deploying a MYSql on Mac OSX

brew install mysql
mysql.server start
mysql -u root

CREATE USER 'springpong'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'springpong';
CREATE DATABASE pong_matcher_spring_development;
GRANT ALL ON pong_matcher_spring_development.* TO 'springpong'@'localhost';

Start the application

mvn spring-boot:run

Check if the application has started up

Try the endpoint available here - http://localhost:8080/courses