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OCT2 - a modified version of octopress classic theme (distributed under the same license as Octopress, The MIT license ).

I've included modifications made by Alessandro Melandri. For details, see "Octopress Theme Customization". Also included are css formatting for tables and Font Awesome icons.

enabling MathJax requires using kramdown instead of rdiscount

markdown: kramdown
mathjax: true


$ git clone .themes/
$ rake install["oct2"]

Changing the logo

set 'logo' in _config.yml to an image in 'source/images' and style it using '#logo' in sass/custom/_styles.scss

# _config.yml
logo: portrait.png

Oct2 screenshot

octopress was created by Brandon Mathis aka @imathis. octopress logo was created by david lanham aka @dlanham.