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Bika code moved to Senaite

Bika 1,2 and 3, from 2002 to 2017, established the foundation Senaite rests on. Senaite 1's initial design analysis went under the Bika 4 moniker, with an emphasis on performance and maintainability

The Bika team assisted in upgrading Bika 3 code top the Senaite repos where we continue to contribute code, as well as developing add-ons, see the main folder here,

After going global and attracting a wider group of participants, Bika LIMS suffered from a naming issue - the project and Cape Town founding company were both using Bika in their titles, unfair to other contributors

With so much invested, the Bika brand is maintained independently from Cape Town


The bika.lims repo here, like the wiki, are for now maintained for historic purposes only

Basix workflow and objects were maintained and the wiki will ingeneral still hold true - the Bika Senaite user manual is being kept up to date,

Please use the latest Senaite code for your core installation

Thanks, Lemoene