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Bika Health Workflow Diagram

A high quality system that leverages the power and technical simplicity of the Python programming language and the versatility and security provided by Plone as a robust Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that can be adapted and implemented in any laboratory, from small to large research and hospital laboratories.

Current release

Bika LIMS 3.1.11 · 2016-04-22 · Read more

User documentation

Hosting and Administration

Development documentation

Professional Bika Service Providers

If you need assistance with your Bika LIMS implementation or professional advice.

####Bika Lab Systems

Bika Lab Systems was established in 2002 (incorporated 2005), identifying a need for affordable and easy to use information systems and instrument interfaces for small and medium size laboratories, functional out of the box and customisable to requirements. Bika Lab Systems co-ordinates the Bika open source LIMS project, and is committed to keeping the Bika LIMS code freely available and maintaining effective organisational support.


Naralabs is a company based in Barcelona (Spain), specialized in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and offers professional technology services and engineering, such as consulting, implementation, training, system maintenance and technical support.Naralabs actively participates in the Bika Open Source LIMS, both in software design and development tasks, and also offers technical support to the community of users and developers.


RIDING BYTES is a company based in Germany. It provides professional IT services for several Enterprise Open Source Systems, such as the Content Management System Plone, the Enterprise Resource Planning System Odoo or the Laboratory Information Management System Bika. It is specialized in customizing, extending and interfacing these systems into new and existing IT infrastructures, and offers complementary services like mobile application development, administration, consulting and training.

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