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All the code for the Bike Index, because we love you
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BIKE INDEX Cloud66 Deployment Status CircleCI Test Coverage View performance data on Skylight

Bike registration that works: online, powerful, free.

Registering a 🚲 only takes a few minutes and gives 🚴‍♀️ a permanent record linked to their identity that proves ownership in the case of a theft.

We're an open source project. Take a gander through our code, report bugs, or download it and run it locally.


Running Bike Index locally

This explanation assumes you're familiar with developing Ruby on Rails applications.

Toggle in development command default
Spring bin/rake dev:spring disabled
Caching bin/rake dev:cache disabled
letter_opener bin/rake dev:letter_opener enabled


We're using to manage internationalization:

To contribute, sign up for an account there and ask to be added to the project as a translator.

Non-English translation files should be treated as read-only. We sync these with our project

If you modify the English translation file config/locales/en.yml, run:

bin/rake prepare_translations

before pushing to GitHub. This will normalize translation file formatting and check for missing or unused keys.

Syncing Translations

When building master, we check for un-synced translations and, if any are found, stop the build and open a PR to master with the translation updates. (See #1100 for details.)

To update the keys on, run bin/rake translation:sync (requires having an active API key locally).


We use RSpec and Guard for testing.

  • Run the test suite continuously in the background with bin/guard (watches for file changes/saves and runs those specs)

  • You may have to manually add the fuzzystrmatch extension, which we use for near serial searches, to your databases. The migration should take care of this but sometimes doesn't. Open the databases in postgres (psql bikeindex_development and psql bikeindex_test) and add the extension.

    CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch;

We use parallel_tests to run the test suite in parallel. By default, this will spawn one process per CPU in your computer.

  • Run all the tests in parallel with bin/rake parallel:spec

  • Run bin/rake parallel:prepare to synchronize the test db schema after migrations (rather than db:test:prepare).

  • Run specific files or test directories with bin/parallel_rspec <FILES_OR_FOLDERS>

  • Run Guard with parallelism bin/guard -G Guardfile_parallel

Code Hygiene

We use the following tools to automate code formatting and linting:


EditorConfig ensures whitespace consistency. See the Download a Plugin section of the EditorConfig docs to find a plugin appropriate to your editor.


Rufo is an opinionated Ruby formatter we use to maintain consistent style with minimum configuration. See the Editor support section of the project README to find a suitable editor plugin.


RuboCop is configured to ignore Ruby style and layout (deferring to Rufo) and focus on code complexity, performance, and suggested best practices.

To run it from the command line, issue bin/rubocop, optionally passing a specific file(s). For a performance boost, you can also start a rubocop daemon with bundle exec rubocop-daemon start, in which case you'd lint with bundle exec rubocop-daemon exec.

See the Editor integration section of the rubocop docs to find an appropriate plugin for on-the-fly linting.


ESlint is configured to run on project JavaScript. To run it, issue yarn lint.

Vagrant development box

In general, we recommend installing and running the app without Vagrant for local development

If, however, you would prefer to have a virtual environment, this repository contains a Vagrantfile which is used to automatically set up and configure a virtual local (Ubuntu Xenial) development environment with all of the required dependencies preinstalled.


  • A computer that supports hardware virtualization (Intel VT-x/AMD-V)

  • Vagrant

  • VirtualBox

  • At least 1.5GB of free memory

Run vagrant up to start the virtual machine. Upon first run, it will run various provisioning scripts to install all of the required packages, configure PostgreSQL, and run all of the Ruby commands to initalize a local Bike Index dev environment. Port 3001 is forwarded locally for testing. Be warned, it will take around a half hour or longer (depending on your internet connection) on first run to download additional Vagrant dependencies and to provision the dev environment. You may observe some informational warning messages during the initial setup which you can safely ignore. vagrant halt to shutdown the VM. Subsequent startups will take considerably less time after the initial run.


If the initial provisioning fails for any reason, try running vagrant provision and see if running the provisioner again completes without error. If not, please try to troubleshoot/google issues as much as possible before filing an issue. Many Vagrant related errors/issues have already been solved and are documented between Stackoverflow and Github. If you run in to an issue you're unable to solve, be sure to include all relevant stdout messages and errors.

Bug tracker

Have a bug or a feature request? Open an issue.


Keep track of development and community news.


Open a Pull request!

Don't wait until you have a finished feature before before opening the PR, unfinished pull requests are welcome! The earlier you open the pull request, the earlier it's possible to discuss the direction of the changes.

Once the PR is ready for review, request review from the relevant person.

If your pull request contains Ruby patches or features, you must include relevant Rspec tests.

... and go hard

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