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quick search youtube playlist, creating video-bookmarks with tags
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alfred-youtube-bookmarks Build Status

youtube-bookmarks + dashboard [Safari, Chrome]

main-window main-window


$ npm install --global alfred-youtube-bookmarks

or as youtube-bookmarks.alfredworkflow

Requires Node.js 7.6+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

for use youtube API you need to create a project in Google Developers Console. It was explained in this article. For this workflow required 'Google Client ID' and 'Google Client Secret'.

Bookmarks work without Google API.


In Alfred, type yt, Enter, and your query.
It will be work with Safari & Chrome only.


  • To create bookmark needs to have opened Safari's/Chrome's window with youtube's video player active tab.
  • type some shortcut (⌥⌘B - for example) to create bookmark
  • type some shortcut (⌥⌘S - for example) to show and go through the bookmark in the current playing video.
  • fn+↵ to delete one or several bookmarks (in specific filters will be deleted all bookmarks in current filter)
  • hit To open preview window by the any bookmark.

Setting for Chrome

View => Developer => check "Allow Javascript for Apple Evenst"

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MIT © bikenik

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