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Tempe Bicycle Action Group Bike Count Data and Analyses

Data collected from the annual Tempe Bike Count and supporting code are contained in here.

Full reports with analysis of this data are available in the form of the annual Bike Count Report from contains the code for the count volunteer signup up and the admin.

The raw-count-data directory contains the actual raw bike count data.

The crash-plot directory contains summary crash data from ADOT's "Crash Mart" CD and code to prepare the crash plot published in the published Bike Count report.

See the in raw_count_data for a description of the count_sites.csv file, as well as the raw count data.


This data, code, and text is licensed under a creative commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.

In brief, you may freely use and re-share the bike count data provided that attribution is made to Tempe Bicycle Action Group and this license is retained with distributed copies.

Tempe Bicycle Action Group and its affiliates and members are not responsible for special or incidental damages resulting from the use or misuse of this data and any errors in it.

License summary:

See the file LICENSE for the full text of this license.

Some of the data contained in here (particularly things other than raw bike count data) is owned by other organizations: ADOT, MAG, Tempe, and so forth. Please contact the appropriate agency to request permission to use their data. It is reproduced here for academic purposes only.


Scott Walters c/o Tempe Bicycle Action Group PO Box 1884 Tempe, AZ 85280


Data, stats, and research related to the Tempe Bike Count, ADOT's crash data, GIS, connectivity, and so on




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