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Import a tumblr into WordPress

Without a plugin!

Unfinished. I stopped caring about its shortcomings, because it did what I needed it to do: import two tumblrs into one WordPress, one with 500 photo posts, the other a mix of text/photoset/video posts.

This script will

  • handle texts, photos and photosets ok
  • download all images to wp-content and attach them to posts
  • set post thumbnails where appropriate
  • set tags as set in tumblr
  • set categories: tumblr and tumblr_yourtumblrsname
  • preserve all tumblr data in custom fields (see the script for details) (I use this data to link to tumblrs tag pages and sort of give a historical permalink)

This should go without saying: TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you're scared, create an empty WordPress to experiment.



Two parts: first we download all the data via tumblr's API, then we feed it to your WordPress.

Part 1


This outputs a shell script to stdout, to give you an idea what it will do:

  • create a folder named
  • download a bunch of json files into this folder

If OK:

./ YOURAPIKEYdfwei93jagADFS | bash

Part 2

cd /srv/http/my-new-wordpress
/path/to/this/tool/ /path/to/this/tool/


Lots. Among others:

  • doesn't handle reblogs well (partly due to their tumblr-native nature)
  • videos don't really work
  • images embedded in text posts won't be updated, but hotlinked
  • does not set a post_author

More obscure bugs

  • when a tumblr tag contains a backslash, there is too much weird escpaing going on. not investigating, json cleaned manually
  • sometimes WP-CLI chokes on a meta update with tumblr_post json - could not find any reason, workaround: paste the json into custom field in wp-admin