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Commits on Nov 27, 2012
  1. @brson
  2. @brson

    core: Add Clone trait

    brson authored
  3. @pcwalton
  4. @pcwalton
  5. @pcwalton

    librustc: Fix translation of cross-crate inline or generic methods wi…

    pcwalton authored
    …th explicit self. rs=blocking-snapshot
Commits on Nov 26, 2012
  1. @brson
  2. @damag @brson

    Fix sample code in the tutorial

    damag authored brson committed
  3. @Dretch @brson
  4. @brson
  5. @jesse99 @brson

    Log errors from close instead of ignoring them.

    jesse99 authored brson committed
    They shouldn't matter but there have been errors on Macs so logging
    them may help root cause the issue.
  6. @jesse99 @brson

    Some isaac_ssed fixes:

    jesse99 authored brson committed
    1) Check for eof (shouldn't happen, but if it does we'll fall into an
    infinite loop).
    2) Use fatal instead of assert (will work if NDEBUG is ever defined
    and provides better diagnostics).
    3) Ignore errors from close since they shouldn't matter.
    Closes #3679.
  7. @brson

    Fix test breakage

    brson authored
Commits on Nov 25, 2012
  1. @brson

    Fix test

    brson authored
  2. @brson
  3. @brson
  4. @killerswan @brson

    Add improvements to insert_with_key

    killerswan authored brson committed
    This commit adds a lower-level implementation of the generic
    `insert_with_key` which I expect to be faster. Now insert could be
    defined with insert_with_key, too, although I'm not sure we want to do that.
    This also clarifies the tests a bit and adds an `insert_with` function.
  5. @killerswan @brson

    Test insert_with_key...

    killerswan authored brson committed
  6. @killerswan @brson

    Add an insert_with_key function to the Map trait

    killerswan authored brson committed
Commits on Nov 24, 2012
  1. @catamorphism

    [libs] Remove unread_byte method from core::io::Reader

    catamorphism authored
    Method isn't used. See discussion on #2738 and #4031
    Closes #2738
  2. @catamorphism

    [tests] Add passing test

    catamorphism authored
    Closes #3683
  3. @catamorphism

    Long lines

    catamorphism authored
  4. @catamorphism

    Split EBML module into a reader and a writer module

    catamorphism authored
    Minor refactoring, no review.
    Closes #2739
  5. @catamorphism

    [tests] Add test for #4033

    catamorphism authored
  6. @catamorphism
  7. @catamorphism

    Merge pull request #4026 from eholk/float-perf

    catamorphism authored
    Inline numeric operations for floats.
  8. @catamorphism

    Merge pull request #4029 from Dretch/ioreadfixes

    catamorphism authored
    Fix a bug where read(buf, len) would fail if buf was big enough and ...
  9. @Dretch

    Fix a bug where read(buf, len) would fail if buf was big enough and s…

    Dretch authored
    …ucceed if it was too small ... which is the opposite of correct.
  10. @nikomatsakis
Commits on Nov 23, 2012
  1. @eholk
  2. @graydon

    std: try to fix breakage.

    graydon authored
  3. @brson
  4. @graydon
  5. @graydon
  6. @graydon
  7. @graydon

    Register snapshots.

    graydon authored
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