command line wrapper which fetches details about movies from rottentomatoes api, uses zero mq internally
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The final target is not a webapp, instead a cli is targeted which can be used from multiple networks.

Basically it is the underlying api mock. Usage of the command line interface:

vvd search summer

vvd detail 34


Uses rotten tomatoes api internally ( Posts every action to the zmq which in turn make the request.

Why mq?

Message Queue provides an additional layer where requests and messages can be intercepted and filtered.

Also, it decouples the internals; especially, the configuration and the keys from the developer.

I have no clue what I am talking about! I just wanted to do this, badly!!

Example request:

	  "type": "search"
	, "keyword": "blarg"

	  "type": "detail"
	, "id": "f00"