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@@ -20,7 +20,9 @@ For Pathogen:
For Vundle, add this to your vimrc and run BundleInstall:
- Bundle 'bilalq/lite-dfm'
+Bundle 'bilalq/lite-dfm'
@@ -32,16 +34,22 @@ There are 3 commands that are exposed:
For convenience, I would recommend setting up a mapping to quickly toggle.
- nnoremap <Leader>z :LiteDFMToggle<CR>
+nnoremap <Leader>z :LiteDFMToggle<CR>
If you dislike the fact that the last run command shows up as a message, use
this mapping instead:
- nnoremap <Leader>z :LiteDFMToggle<CR>i<Esc>`^
+nnoremap <Leader>z :LiteDFMToggle<CR>i<Esc>`^
If you're a tmux user and really want to get fancy, this should interest you:
- nnoremap <Leader>z :LiteDFMToggle<CR>:silent !tmux set status > /dev/null 2>&1<CR>:redraw!<CR>
+nnoremap <Leader>z :LiteDFMToggle<CR>:silent !tmux set status > /dev/null 2>&1<CR>:redraw!<CR>
@@ -52,8 +60,10 @@ are two global variables that can be used to override the one that is normally
detected. One is for CLI Vim, while the other is for gui Vim. You can set
these in your vimrc like so:
- let g:lite_dfm_normal_bg_cterm = 234
- let g:lite_dfm_normal_bg_gui = '#abcabc'
+let g:lite_dfm_normal_bg_cterm = 234
+let g:lite_dfm_normal_bg_gui = '#abcabc'
If you are using a value of none for your background color, this is the only
way you will be able to make this plugin properly hide your UI elements.
@@ -63,13 +73,17 @@ This plugin doesn't center, but instead offsets text from the left. You can
specify exactly how many columns you want this offset to be. Any value from 1 to
22 is valid. By default, 22 is used.
- let g:lite_dfm_left_offset = 16
+let g:lite_dfm_left_offset = 16
### Keeping the ruler
You may prefer to have the ruler on when you have LiteDFM active. You can do so
by adding this to your vimrc:
- let g:lite_dfm_keep_ruler=1
+let g:lite_dfm_keep_ruler=1
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