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ofxhGui is a graphical user interface used as an openFrameworks add-on.

Current version: 1.03

ofxhGui has following widgets :

- panels (can be nested)

- tabs to show different panels (also available in nested panels)

- labels, buttons, checkboxes, radio-buttons, sliders, 2D sliders, number boxes

- listboxes(scrollable), button boxes, editable text (single or multi-lines/scrollable)

- modeless dialogs

More widgets will be add in future versions.

- changing the text insertion point and scrolling works on hTextArea (multi-line text) but not on hTextBox (single line text).

- the arrow keys don't work actually on hTextArea and hTextBox.
This will be addressed in future versions

There is a default set of colors that can be modified. Fonts can also be changed.

ofxhGui works with OF 0.06 and 0.07
and has been tested on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 11.10)

The addon ofxhGui depends on:

- ofxhUtils

- ofxXmlSettings (already in the addons folder of openFrameworks)

It is also necessary to have a folder called 'fonts' in the data folder
where the gui can search the needed fonts.

The example files can be used as a tutorial for ofxhGui

Changes and bug fixes:

- add the possibility to give titles to dialogs

- correction of incorrect display of sliders in linux. 
- add <float.h> on platforms that need it.
- avoid that the drawing of the gui modifies other draw settings (color and fillmode)

- correction of incorrect display of framed rectangles on certain video-cards 

1.0: this is the first version