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Least You Can Do (LYCD)

Employers, this is literally the least you can do.


This stack consists of a serverless website that looks like this:

Website image

And a backend API that sends out emails using AWS Simple Email Service (SES).


The easiest way to deploy this app is to use the same tool I used to build it: Stackery. The finished stack looks like this:

Stack image

If you don't already have a Stackery account, sign up for an account, then follow the Quickstart to get everything up and running. To import an existing stack, you'll need Pro features. Luckily, there's a free seven-day trial, so go ahead and start that too.

Once you're all set up in Stackery, follow the instructions to create and deploy this stack.


  1. Fork this stack
  2. Navigate to your stacks in Stackery, and click Add a Stack
  3. Choose Github as your Git Hosting Provider and link your Github if you haven't yet
  4. Enter a name for your stack (I called mine 'least-you-can-do', but you can call yours 'jeff' for all it matters)
  5. Select Use Existing Repo and enter your forked repo URL
  6. Click Add Stack to add your stack

Before deploying, you need to add the email address you want to send your emails from to your environment parameters.

  1. Navigate to your environments in Stackery, and select the environment you'd like to deploy to
  2. Open the parameters tab for that environment, and add the following, replacing <your email> with, well, your email:
       "senderEmail": "<your email>"
  3. Click the big green Save button

The final part before deploying is getting SES to work:

  1. In the AWS Console, navigate to the Simple Email Service page
  2. Click Go to identity management
  3. In the left sidebar, choose Email Addresses
  4. Click Verify a New Email Address at the top
  5. Enter the same email address as you added to your environment parameters, then click Verify This Email Address
  6. You will receive a verification email. Click the link and you will see that your email is now verified

Deploy and test

  1. Navigate back to your stack page in Stackery, and hit the Deploy tab
  2. Choose the environment with the email parameters from earlier, and click + Prepare new deployment
  3. Click Deploy when it's prepared, then Execute in the AWS Console
  4. Grab a cup of coffee, this will take a few minutes

Once your stack is deployed, navigate to the View tab, double-click on the FormContent bucket, and follow the link at WEBSITE HOSTING ADDRESS. Try it out, and send it out next time a potential employer fails to acknowledge your humanity!


Employers, this is literally the least you can do.







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