Will help you fix unrecognized/ugly icons in Linux.
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It will help you to fix unrecognized, ugly or double icons in Linux.



  • git
  • wget

How to install

Arch Linux and Arch-derived distributions

yay -S startupwmclassfixer

Manual installation

Download the zipped file or clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/bil-elmoussaoui/StartupWMClassFixer.git

How to use

Open the script using

sudo ./fix

Or using this if you've installed the script from a package

sudo StartupWMClassFixer


How to revert

You can revert your modifications using --revert argument.

  sudo ./fix --revert

How to use latest version of database file

 sudo ./fix --update


Why using sudo

Almost all the application desktop files are stored in /usr/share/applications that's why we need root permissions to modify them.

How the script works

The script will modify the desktop file of supported applications (list of supported applications) and add/modify StartupWMClass key.

For more informations about StartupWMClass see Recognized desktop entry keys.

How to contribute

  1. Open the application
  2. Open the terminal and type xprop WM_CLASS
  3. The mouse cursor will change, click on the application window and copy the WM_CLASS(STRING) value
  4. Clone the repository and modify the database file following this
  Application Name, Desktop file name, WM_CLASS
  1. Create a pull request