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Change your nautilus directories icons easily!
Python Meson
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Nautilus/Nemo extension that makes changing folders icons easy!




  • Escape To close the window
  • Return To select the new folder icon
  • Shift+Ctrl+S To open the folder icon selector on the current folder


Running dependencies

  • python2 or python3

For Nautilus

  • nautilus-python:
    • Arch Linux and Arch-derived distros: python2-nautilus or python-nautilus

For Nemo

  • nemo-python:
    • Arch Linux and Arch-derived distros : nemo-python

Building dependencies

  • meson >= 0.40.0
  • ninja
  • appstream-glib

How to install

Arch Linux


yay -S nautilus-folder-icons

Manual installation

  1. Install requirements

  2. Clone the repository

git clone
  1. Build it!
cd nautilus-folder-icons
meson builddir --prefix=/usr -Dfile_manager=[nautilus|nemo]
sudo ninja -C builddir install
  1. Restart Nautilus/Nemo
nautilus -q
nemo -q

How to uninstall

sudo ninja -C builddir uninstall



In order to generate the pot file, run the following commands:

meson builddir --prefix=/usr
ninja nautilus-folder-icons-update-po

A .pot will be generated on ./po which can be translated using Poedit. The PR should contain only the .po file

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