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Create more detailed commit messages without committing!


While we were looking at this lovely project, we have seen some, ehmmm, downsides of it. Why not? let’s keep safe the source code and collect all the information somewhere else?


  • Commit often, Commit more!
  • A mini shell tool for storing messages: git kommit -m "Fixes a bug in XXX function"
  • Store your commit-extra information in to a hidden file .git/kommit-message
  • Append the .git/kommit-message to the original commit message in prepare-commit-msg hook and delete .git/kommit-message file after commit.


usage: git-kommit [-m <msg> | -t <msg> | -c | -e | -s | -i | -r | -h]

    -m <msg>        append message
    -t <msg>        append message with timestamp
    -c              check if hook installed ?
    -e              edit messages
    -s              show current message(s)
    -i              install kommit hook to .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg
    -r              remove kommit hook, delete .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg
    -h              print this message

Basic usage is shown below:

  • git kommit -m "Message" : Append new message.
  • git kommit -t "Message" : Append new message with timestamp.
  • git kommit -s : Show current messages
  • git kommit -e : Edit messages. This uses $EDITOR environment variable.

Sample Output

    # Your commit title

    - Your note...
    - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do
    eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut
    enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris
    nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Install: Kommit

OS X Users can install via Homebrew.

brew install kommit

You can download or get it via curl. Go to your desired bin/ folder or go somewhere which is in the $PATH:

cd ~/bin/          # example bin/ folder
curl -O
chmod +x git-kommit


Super easy;

  • git kommit -i : Installs hook.
  • git kommit -r : Removes hooks.
  • git kommit -c : Checks if the hooks is installed.
  • git kommit -b : Shows bash completion snippet
  • git kommit -m "Message" : Append new message.
  • git kommit -t "Message" : Append new message with timestamp.
  • git kommit -s : Show current messages.
  • git kommit -e : Edit messages. This uses $EDITOR environment variable.

Don’t forget, git-kommit way only works under git folder. To have the bash completion snippet; use git kommit -b and grab the code and add it to your shell environment.

Environment Variables

Kommit checks $KOMMIT_BULLET and $KOMMIT_WRAP_AT variables. Default bullet style for message is - You can change this via;

KOMMIT_BULLET="*" git kommit -m "Hello World"   # or,

export KOMMIT_BULLET="*"                    # define it in your .bashrc

Also, default value for wrap text is: 72 you can change it via;

KOMMIT_WRAP_AT=60 git kommit -m "Hello World"   # or,

export KOMMIT_WRAP_AT=60                    # define it in your .bashrc

IDE Integrations

Change Log


  • You don’t need to pop the editor. git commit -m "message" will also insert the kommit’s messages. PR8


  • Switched to git-kommit filename, full integration with git


  • Added: kommit -t feature
  • Added: You don’t need to install hook, it installs it self in the first message addition.
  • Added: Bash completion snippet


  • MIT license added.
  • Contributers list added.
  • IDE integration packages list added.


  • New feature; edit messages! kommit -e
  • New feature; check hook kommit -c


  • Release v0.1.0


  • Initial commit!


Feel free to send your PR’s!

  1. fork (
  2. Create your branch (git checkout -b my-features)
  3. commit yours (git commit -am 'added killer options')
  4. push your branch (git push origin my-features)
  5. Than create a new Pull Request!


Other contributers can be found here.


This project is licensed under MIT.