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// Package env get env & app config, all the public field must after init()
// finished and flag.Parse().
package env
import (
// deploy env.
const (
DeployEnvDev = "dev"
DeployEnvFat = "fat"
DeployEnvUat = "uat"
DeployEnvPre = "pre"
DeployEnvProd = "prod"
// env default value.
const (
// env
_region = "region01"
_zone = "zone01"
_deployEnv = "dev"
// env configuration.
var (
// Region avaliable region where app at.
Region string
// Zone avaliable zone where app at.
Zone string
// Hostname machine hostname.
Hostname string
// DeployEnv deploy env where app at.
DeployEnv string
// AppID is global unique application id, register by service tree.
// such as main.arch.disocvery.
AppID string
// Color is the identification of different experimental group in one caster cluster.
Color string
// DiscoveryNodes is seed nodes.
DiscoveryNodes string
func init() {
var err error
Hostname = os.Getenv("HOSTNAME")
if Hostname == "" {
Hostname, err = os.Hostname()
if err != nil {
Hostname = strconv.Itoa(int(time.Now().UnixNano()))
func addFlag(fs *flag.FlagSet) {
// env
fs.StringVar(&Region, "region", defaultString("REGION", _region), "avaliable region. or use REGION env variable, value: sh etc.")
fs.StringVar(&Zone, "zone", defaultString("ZONE", _zone), "avaliable zone. or use ZONE env variable, value: sh001/sh002 etc.")
fs.StringVar(&AppID, "appid", os.Getenv("APP_ID"), "appid is global unique application id, register by service tree. or use APP_ID env variable.")
fs.StringVar(&DeployEnv, "deploy.env", defaultString("DEPLOY_ENV", _deployEnv), "deploy env. or use DEPLOY_ENV env variable, value: dev/fat1/uat/pre/prod etc.")
fs.StringVar(&Color, "deploy.color", os.Getenv("DEPLOY_COLOR"), "deploy.color is the identification of different experimental group.")
fs.StringVar(&DiscoveryNodes, "discovery.nodes", os.Getenv("DISCOVERY_NODES"), "discovery.nodes is seed nodes. value:, etc.")
func defaultString(env, value string) string {
v := os.Getenv(env)
if v == "" {
return value
return v
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