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Jekyll source for my portfolio
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Source code for my Jekyll-based portfolio at, which uses the Freelancer Jekyll Theme with my own additions:

Resume Linking

The "Download Resume" button was added on the about page, which links to /resume/your-name-resume.pdf

Screenshot of "Download Resume" Button on About Page

Allow Blog Posts

In addition to the default portfolio posts, the ability to make blog posts has been added.

The new folder structure is:

Screenshot of posts folder structure for blog and portfolio posts

Screenshot of example blog grid view

Support Tags on Portfolio Projects

The default Freelancer theme only supports client, date, application, and description fields for portfolio projects. I added a section to show languages, tools, concepts, & stack used for each project. They show up as tags.

Screenshot of tags feature and markdown

Cute Icons

Relevant Font Awesome were added to each header, overriding the default "star" icons.

Screenshot of added header icons

How to use

  • Fork or clone this repo to your own with name:
  • Overwrite profile picture in /img/profile.jpg
  • Replace in _includes/contact_static.html with your email address. Refer to formspree for more information.
  • Create new posts to display your projects & blog posts. See existing examples in _posts/blog/ and _posts/portfolio/
  • Update resume in /resume/your-name-resume.pdf, and update _includes/about.html to reflect your resume file's name.
  • Push changes on master branch to remote
  • Go to


View this jekyll theme in action at

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