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FAV Rocks logo

What is FAV Rocks?

“Favicon Accessible Viewer Rocks” is a highly-accessible favicon image editor. Leveraging basic HTML elements allows it to function with no client-side scripting. Additionally, the application is designed to have a small network footprint. This translates into quick load-times! Its origin coincides with the re-introduction of the 10k Apart challenge in 2016.

Will the app. always be under 10k (related to 10k challenge)?

At the moment, yes. However, since the main page-size is already close to the limit, any new features will cause the existing flow to be questioned. Even adding minute client scripting is difficult with the current setup.

Why is the app. limited to 16x16 px?

Mainly so the app.-size fits within the confies of 10k. DOM-count increases as overall grid-size increases. 32x32 is a practical limit to avoid extreme sluggishness partly (or maybe mostly) due to applying CSS rules. I do not expect browsers vendors will address the CSS "at-scale" issue any time soon due to its infrequent encounter and perceived impracticality... 😕.

DOM-count by grid-size

  • "Best" utilizes six-colors per pixel.
  • "Worst" utilizes seven-colors per pixel.
Width Height Best Worst
16 16 1,536 1,792
32 32 6,144 7,168
64 64 24,576 28,672
128 128 98,304 114,688


  1. Follow all rules posted here.