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tijasmine Version 1.0.0

A jasmine 1.3.1 implementation for Appcelerator Titanium prepared originally by Bill Dawson. Inspired by Aaron Saunders' ci.behave.test.


  • Clone me and be sure to run git submodule init && git submodule update to bring down jasmine. Or just grab the files mentioned in the next bullet.

  • Put jasmine.js, tijasmine.js, and tijasmine-console.js together somewhere under your Titanium project's Resources folder. You can run -s (sorry Windows folks) to package them nicely together and unzip that under your Resources/ folder if you wish.

  • Write some spec files similar to what's found under example/specs. You'll need to understand jasmine itself for this. Note that at the top of the spec file you'll want something like:


    which will infect (for a good cause!) your spec module's context with the necessary jasmine functions such as describe, it, et al.

    One of the included spec files under example/specs is the complete set of tests run at the Jasmine 1.3.1 intro page, so if you look at that one you basically get the Jasmine documentation.

  • Somewhere in your app code you'll want to kick it all off with code such as:

      var tijasmine = require("/tijasmine/tijasmine"),
      	reporter = new (require("/tijasmine/tijasmine-console").ConsoleReporter)();
      tijasmine.addSpecModules("/specs/myspec", "/specs/myotherspec");


  • It's based on the jasmine 1.3.1, which is not the current master branch at the jasmine project (they are working on 2.0).

  • The console reporter is the only reporter. Fork me and add more!


The Titanium-specific stuff is...

Copyright (c) 2013 Bill Dawson

... and licensed under Apache License 2.0 (see LICENSE.txt).

Jasmine is...

Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Pivotal Labs

... and licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE-jasmine.txt).