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Adds additional schema data to articles you've marked as product reviews. Requires Yoast SEO
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Product Review Schema for Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO uses the Article schema type for all posts. This plugin adds a "Product Review" metabox for marking this as a review and specifying the review information (product name, rating, summary...).

For more information, see:


screenshot Screenshot from Google Structured Data Testing tool showing Review schema being used on this post

screenshot Product Review metabox appears below the content editor


  • be_product_review_schema_post_types - Customize which post types can appear as reviews. Default is array( 'post' )
  • be_product_review_schema_metabox - Whether or not the Product Review metabox should be added. You could build your own custom metabox with the same meta keys, and disable this one using add_filter( 'be_product_review_schema_metabox', '__return_false' )
  • be_review_schema_data - Customize the schema data added for reviews
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