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=== Display Posts Shortcode ===
Contributors: billerickson
Donate link:
Tags: shortcode, pages, posts, page, query, display, list
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 4.7
Stable tag: 2.8.0
Display a listing of posts using the [display-posts] shortcode
== Description ==
The *Display Posts Shortcode* was written to allow users to easily display listings of posts without knowing PHP or editing template files.
Add the shortcode in a post or page, and use the arguments to query based on tag, category, post type, and many other possibilities. You can also customize the output with parameters like: include_date, include_excerpt, and image_size.
* [Available Parameters](
* [Customization with Filters](
* [Extension Plugins](
* [Full Change Log](
* [View on GitHub](
== Installation ==
1. Upload `display-posts-shortcode` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
1. Activate the plugin through the *Plugins* menu in WordPress.
1. Add the shortcode to a post or page.
== Changelog ==
**Version 2.8.0**
* Added include_link="false" to remove link from post title and image, see [#137](
* Fixed category display when using multiple post types, see [#143](
* Fixed issue combining multiple taxonomies, see [#131](
**Version 2.7.0**
* Added support for [Co-Authors Plus Addon](
* Added parameter to exclude children terms in tax queries, [more information](
* Added a filter to display the full version of manual excerpt, regardless of excerpt_length. [more information](
* Removed shortcodes from custom excerpts, [more information](
* Fixed private post visibility, [more information](
**Version 2.6.2**
* More improvements to excerpts, see #110
* Added content_class parameter
* Fix date query bug, see #108
* Fixed undefined variable notice if include_title="false"
**Version 2.6.1**
* Fix issue with manually specified excerpts
**Version 2.6**
* Add support for author="current"
* Add support for multiple wrapper classes
* Add support for excerpt_length parameter
* Add support for excerpt_more parameter
**Version 2.5.1**
* Fix an issue with manually specified excerpts
**Version 2.5**
* Add support for date queries
* Exclude child pages with post_parent="0"
* Query by current taxonomy terms. Ex: [display-posts taxonomy="category" tax_term="current"]
* Display the post's categories with [display-posts category_display="true"]
* Many more fixes. See GitHub for a full list of changes.
**Version 2.4**
* Add 'include_author' parameter
* Add 'exclude_current' parameter for excluding the current post from the results
* If you display the full content of results, additional uses of the shortcode within those posts are now turned off
* Other minor improvements
**Version 2.3**
* Include the shortcode attributes on wrapper filter
* Add 'no_posts_message' parameter to specify content displayed if no posts found
* Add filters to the title and permalink
* Limit private posts to logged in users
* Add support for excluding sticky posts
* Add support for ordering by meta_key
**Version 2.2**
* Use original attributes for filters
* Add support for multiple taxonomy queries
* Add filter for post classes
* Add support for post content in the post loop
**Version 2.1**
* Add support for post status
* Add support for post author
* Add support for post offset
**Version 2.0**
* Explicitly declare arguments, props danielbachhuber
* Sanitize each shortcode attribute for security, props danielbachhuber
**Version 1.9**
* Add 'date_format' parameter, so you can customize how dates are displayed
* Added a class of .excerpt-dash so CSS can be used to remove the dash
* Cleaned up the codebase according to WordPress coding standards
**Version 1.8**
* Added `display_posts_shortcode_no_results` filter for displaying content if there's no posts matching current query.
* Add support for multiple post types. [display-posts post_type="page, post"]
**Version 1.7**
* Added `id` argument to specify specific post IDs
* Added `display_posts_shortcode_args` filter in case the arguments you want aren't already included in the shortcode. See example:
**Version 1.6**
* Added `post_parent` where you can specify a parent by ID, or you can say `post_parent=current` and it will use the current page's ID.
* Added `wrapper` where you can decide if the posts are an unordered list, ordered list, or div's
* Added support for multiple taxonomy terms (comma separated) and taxonomy operator (IN, NOT IN, or AND).
**Version 1.5**
* For the sake of clarity I'm changing version numbers. No feature changes
**Version 0.1.5**
* Added a filter (display_posts_shortcode_output) so you can modify the output of individual posts however you like.
**Version 0.1.4**
* Added post_type, taxonomy, tax_term, and include_excerpt
* Added classes to each part of the listing (image, title, date, excerpt) to make it easier to change the look using CSS
**Version 0.1.3**
* Updated Readme
**Version 0.1.2**
* Added image_size option
**Version 0.1.1**
* Fix spacing issue in plugin
**Version 0.1**
* This is version 0.1. Everything's new!