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use fb prefix for certain keys, #2

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1 parent fb5b818 commit 994811fef13ea526f28a8326fcbd91476bfe4c5b @billerickson committed
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  1. +7 −2 mfields-opengraph-meta-tags.php
9 mfields-opengraph-meta-tags.php
@@ -36,8 +36,13 @@ public static function print_meta() {
- /* Append open grapgh prefix to all keys. */
- $property = 'og:' . $key;
+ /* Append facebook prefix to specific keys */
+ if( in_array( $key, array( 'admins', 'app_id' ) ) )
+ $property = 'fb: ' . $key;
+ /* Append open graph prefix to all other keys. */
+ else
+ $property = 'og:' . $key;
mfields added a note

Awesome find! I love that you're pushing changes back as the Open Graph protocol evolves. I just have a note on coding style here. While I love documentation and think that documentation is super helpful here, it makes it a bit hard (for me) to read here. In cases such as this I prefer to present the docs and then write the code. IMHO it makes both parts easier to read:

 * Append a prefix to all keys.
 * Facebook prefix for 'admins' and 'app_id'.
 * Open Graph prefix for all others.
if ( in_array( $key, array( 'admins', 'app_id' ) ) )
    $property = 'fb: ' . $key;
    $property = 'og:' . $key;
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/* Determine the appropriate escaping function to use. */
$esc = 'esc_attr';

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Makes sense to me

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