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Rateable Grails Plugin

This is the source for the Rateable Grails plugin which adds support for allowing users to rate things, such as plugins, books, etc.

This plugin provides allows ratings to be attached to domain objects, as well as a 5-star rating component with ajax update.


  • Grails Version: 3.0 and above
  • JDK: 1.7 and above


Add the following to build.gradle:

 compile 'org.grails.plugins:rateable:2.0.0-SNAPSHOT'


Implement the @Rateable@ trait:

 import grails.plugins.rateable.*
 class Vehicle implements Rateable {

On your page load the rateable resources (note that jQuery is a required dependency):

 <asset:stylesheet href="ratings.css"/>
 <asset:javascript src="ratings.js"/>

Include a tag to allow users to rate:

 <rateable:ratings bean='${myVehicle}'/>

You may need to define a rater evaluator in grails-app/conf/application.groovy. The default one looks like:

 grails.rateable.rater.evaluator = { request.user }

But if you store users in the session instead you may want this to be:

 grails.rateable.rater.evaluatorr = { session.user }

The plugin also adds some useful static methods and properties to each Rateable as defined below:

Static Methods

  • listOrderByAverageRating - lists all rated items by their average rating. Takes an optional Map parameter for pagination
  • countRated - Counts the number of rated items, good for pagination in combination with the above method.
  • topRated - The top rated item


  • ratings - Returns all the ratings for a given Rateable
  • averageRating - Returns the average rating of all the ratings
  • totalRatings - Returns the total number of ratings given to the Rateable


  • rate(user, Double rating) - Rates a Rateable for the given user and specified rating
  • userRating(user) - Returns the rating for the specified user


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