A client side application that keeps track of guests and whether or not they've confirmed in the guest list.
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What It Is:

A client side application that keeps track of guests and whether or not they've confirmed in the guest list.


  • Add Guest: Includes a text input field where users can type in someones name and insert them to the guest.
  • Ghost Tile: Inserts a 'ghost' tile in front of the guest list whenever a user types a name without submitting it.
  • Edit Guest: Modify a guests name after submitting it to the guest list.
  • Remove Guest: Includes a remove button to remove the guest from the guest list.
  • Confirmed Filter: Filters out guest who haven't confirmed the rsvp.
  • Overall Stats: Includes the total number of attending, unconfirmed and total number of guests.

Required Libraries and Dependencies:

  • Internet Connected Laptop/Desktop
  • Modern Web Browser (Latest version of Chrome or Firefox works best!)
  • Node >= 6 installed on your machine
  • prop-types (npm package)
  • Create-react-app (npm package)

Project Contents:

This project consists the following files and directories:

  • Public
    • index.html - The main html file that displays the App element and primary information about the App.
  • Src
    • README.md - This read me file.
    • Header
      • GuestInputForm.js - Form component
      • index.js - Holds the header components
    • Images - Holds apps main images
    • MainContent
      • GuestList
        • Guest.js - Guest Component
        • GuestName.js - GuestName Component
        • index.js - Holds all GuestList Components
        • PendingGuest.js - Ghost Tile Component
      • ConfirmedFilter.js - Filter Component
      • Counter.js - Counter Component
      • index.js - Holds all of main content component
    • App.js - Javascript file that contains the whole React app logic/data code.
    • App.test.js - Test file that contains tests
    • index.css - A CSS file that contains all of the styles for the web app.
    • index.js - Renders the whole app
    • registerServiceWorker.js - Self Explanatory

Running Instructions:

  1. Download the zip to a directory you'll be working in.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Open up terminal.
  4. cd to the directory "rsvp".
  5. Type npm start to run the app.
  6. Your browser should open up with the app running.

Resources Used:

  • Google
  • StackOverflow
  • TeamTreehouse


If there are problems with running/opening this app please contact me at billh93(AT)gmail(dot)com or open an issue.