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***Work In Progress***

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The IDE of the future, today!

It is a next-generation development environment for modern JavaScript developers: editor, bundler, and browser all in one.


  • zero install - works completely in the browser
  • built in Git UI for cloning repos, making commits, pushing branches
  • freedom from npm install - import loads the latest version of a module directly from (works for some modules anyway)
  • built in Babel code compiler with JSX support
  • import stylesheets like in Webpack with built in CSS loader
  • caches everything locally so you can still work offline
  • reload pages on file save w/ hot module reloading
  • automatic version pinning for modules
  • built in rollup or jspm to create minified code bundles for production
  • built in test runner
  • one-click deploy to Now like on CodeSandbox
  • multi-user collaborative editing?
  • P2P goodness?


The IDE is a collection of React components. So far I have built:

  • a file navigator (still under heavy contstruction)
  • a file editor (was using Ace, now uses Monaco)
  • a file previewer (only Markdown at the moment)

Most of my work currently focuses on the git integration and file browser component.

Milestone reached! The IDE can be used to edit itself!