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PhotoAlbum.js is a simple photo album generator written using node.js.

The main goal is to produce static files to put on a simple web-server and be able to write legends below the images.

Node.js modules required:

  • imagemagick,
  • mime.

It uses:

  • jquery,
  • markdown.js,
  • tipsy.js,
  • jquery-ui, only for the editor.

The background can be found at http://subtlepatterns.com/black-paper/ . The icons were generated from the ones at http://raphaeljs.com/icons/ .

How to use it

  1. Install the node.js modules;
  • npm install imagemagick
  • npm install mime
  1. Have all your images in a directory in
  2. Generate a configuration file:
./photoalbum.js config in/ config.json
  1. Generate the editor from that configuration file:
./photoalbum.js editor config.json
  1. Launch the server to edit the configuration file:
./photoalbum.js server config.json
  1. Open your brower at http://localhost:8080/editor.html and edit your pictures.
  2. Render all the files:
./photoalbum.js render config.json

Your photoalbum is in the output directory you configured in the editor.