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A simple presentation tool written in bash for terminology
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typres is a presentation tool for my talk on terminology at the efl dev day

It's written in bash and runs on terminology. It uses terminology escape codes
to inline images into the terminal. Learn more about them from terminology's

To view it, run in its directory in terminology and enjoy :)
On each slide, you have to enter one of the following commands:
- r: refresh the current slide in case you resized the terminal
- q: to quit
- p: go to the previous slide
- n: go to the next slide
- a number: the slide you want to go to.

Each slide is a function. There are few functions used to make a slide:
- t: to show a title on the slide
- c: show a text in the middle of the slide
- i: insert an image: the first argument is either to stretch (s) or center
  the image (c).
- b: the arguments are strings to display as bullet list.

I'd happily accept any contribution to make this piece of code better (like
adding a command to change the background for example).

The code is under the WTF Public License. I do not own the gif files used.
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